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Engine rebuild service in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Rebuilding instead of replacing an engine could save you money.


Rebuilding a damaged engine can be more economical than replacing an engine with a new or second hand engine. Catastrophic damage can be caused to a vehicles engine if regular maintenance and repairs are not carried out. 

We are one of the only independent garages in the local area who offer full engine rebuilds as one of our services. We have carried out numerous successful full engine rebuilds for many years on a variety of Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) vehicles.

Need to discuss an engine rebuild?

Call us on 01733 333164

The engine in my 25yr old Toyota Hiace blew up so it was towed to complete car care. Luke found spare parts really difficult to get so he removed the engine and drive train and got it completely re-conditioned. New piston rings, seals, valves and belts etc plus new exhaust. He put it all back together and hey presto it runs really well. He really knows his stuff. I thoroughly recommend Complete Car Care.

Mr Osborne | Google Review

What does an Engine Rebuild consist of?

Engine rebuilding is a complicated process, however, it is one that we enjoy. The process that we follow can be split into the following steps:

Engine disassembly - during this part of the process we strip down the engine to check for any damage or signs of wear.​

Cleaning components - this is a very important step of the process as this is when we can check the original parts and identify what can be cleaned and reused and what parts need replacing.​

Components and machining - any parts that are reusable are cleaned up and machined if necessary to ensure that they are fit for assembly and to optimise the engine's performance

Engine assembly - once all components are ready to be assembled the final stage of reassembling the engine begins.​

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