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Vehicle diagnostics in Peterborough

Latest diagnostic equipment combined with knowledge and expertise enables us to accurately diagnose vehicle faults.


From time to time engine management lights may illuminate on your dashboard. The engine management warning lights are simply used to alert you of an engine management issue, therefore diagnostics are required to investigate the issue further. Our state of the art diagnostic equipment combined with our knowledge and experience enables our technicians to perform engine management diagnostic checks to identify the various causes of the problem so that it can be rectified before the problem gets worse. 

There are hundreds of potential error codes that can only be read and interpreted by specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment and technicians such as ours. We believe it is important for independent garages like us to offer an alternative to the more expensive main dealers. 

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Best garage I've been to. Professional, friendly honest service from Luke and Richard. Since moving away from the area I still go back if I need work doing. Had a few awkward faults which other garages couldn't or wouldn't diagnose but this place got to the bottom of it. Not buying another french car. They've also saved me money, talking me out of unnecessary work. Can't recommend enough.

Mr McGovern | Google Reviews

After the first hour of diagnostics we will advise you on whether we have concluded our diagnosis or if we need to continue further diagnostics to identify the issue. Once diagnosis has been completed our technicians will explain the potential causes of the problem and the repairs needed. We will seek authorisation before beginning any repairs and will keep you informed of each step of the process, providing you with peace of mind that there will be no hidden or additional costs. We pride ourselves on our reputation for being an honest and trustworthy independent garage.

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