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Air conditioning servicing, repairs & regassing

Air conditioning inspections, servicing and regassing in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

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Air Conditioning is important throughout the year. In the warmer months you need air conditioning in order to keep cool. In the cooler months the air conditioning system is used to rapidly demist your windscreen, giving you clearer vision when driving. Having your air conditioning serviced will prolong the life of the air conditioning system. Poorly functioning air conditioning will make it more difficult to demist your windscreen and could work the engine harder, therefore using more fuel.

Need your air con servicing?

Call us on 01733 333164

Excellent customer service and couldn’t do enough to help me. I needed an urgent AC system check and recharge and they were brilliant. Highly recommend them.

Mr Donoghue| Google Review

What is included in the air conditioning service?

As part of your air conditioning service our technicians will inspect and test all of your vehicles air conditioning components whilst running the air conditioning. We check for any leaks using detection dyes and UV light inspections. If a leak is found our technicians will advise you as to any required repairs.


Once our technicians are happy the air con system has no leaks we remove any existing refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and replace it with new refrigerant gas in line with your manufacturer's recommendation. 

Finally, before returned your vehicle to you, our technicians will reassess your air conditioning systems performance as well as checking the temperature output of the vehicle.

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