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Book your Remap in Peterborough now


What are the benefits of remapping my car?

  • Improved fuel economy - meaning that you can get more miles for your money​

  • Increased bhp - meaning that the vehicle has more power 

  • Increased torque - meaning that there is better power delivery and more pulling power 

We at Complete Car Care we are happy to talk through the potential gains your specific car or van will benefit from after having a remap. All you need to do is give us a call with your Registration number.

Important information

Each map is specifically designed for your vehicle's ECU, which therefore keeps it within the safe tolerances of your vehicle components. Remapping is a legal modification to make to your vehicle, however, as with any modifications you should inform your insurance company once your vehicle has been remapped. Also as remapping gives your vehicle more power, we recommend that your vehicle should be regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.

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